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Drawing from my background in Literature and Art History, my work is an exploration of what is human and how we derive or make meaning. I use strategies of appropriation to look at the dissemination of knowledge and the encoded meaning in everyday forms. But more specifically, I am interested in the construction of a subject or subjectivity through the apparati of language and body.

While my practice encompasses various media [interactive web, video, diagrams, installation, sculpture, drawing, image, digital collage, renderings, graphics, writing, text, and manuscript], my practice is primarily Drawing/Writing. This range of discursive texts navigates multiple “disciplines” across human history.

My previous research on 2D spaces of medieval Judeo-Christian structures, and my ongoing research on “dialogic space” in Hangul, looks at different cultural and linguistic frames of reference.

I am currently working on 'Shadowless Gnomon' [] a research studio and publication.

Esther J. Lee received her MFA in Visual Arts from Otis College of Art and Design and BA in Literature/Writing, Art History-Theory-Criticism, and Studio Art from University of California San Diego.